Sunday, May 4, 2014

Get Better at Golf Fast!

We're really excited about having a new launch monitor in Alameda (radar system that measures everything to do with impact with the ball and golf club). 
And you know, if you can measure it, you can improve it

Step 1: These days I'm offering what we call "club-gapping" to get golfers excited measuring and how it will catapult you're game to another level. 
In club-gapping you'll hit ten balls with the clubs you want to measure.  This will give us a direction and distance profile (notice the oval in the image below, this golfer's pattern is biased to the right of the target line).

Below is this golfer's ten drives. We can see a general shape of direction, spin and trajectory.
Step 2: At first most of these numbers won't mean much to you. I'll coach you decipher them so you can make the appropriate adjustments to create your desired ball flight because there is a formula for any ball flight you wish. Let's say for instance that you want a high draw with your driver, no problem, I'd have you swing 8 degrees right with your club path and have your club face four degrees left of that path. And for the desired heighth you'd hit it on the upswing two degrees.

Funny part is, I don't care how you do your formula and nor does the radar system. Of course if you are stuck that's where I can nudge you in the right direction :)
 Step 3: A few repeat trips to instill your feel-with-what's-real. And then boom, you're calling your shots!
I'm in Alameda Wednesdays through Saturdays for $125 an hour.
Keep in mind the launch monitor is the ultimate club fitting tool. So if you're looking to improve your clubs we've got most of the top brands and our pricing is competitive.

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