Monday, April 7, 2014

New Golf Technology to Improve Game

Hi, Kris Moe here, I've just found a new toy called Game Golf (shot tracking software, yes cyber-metrics is coming to golf). I'm fascinated to see how as a coach I can make this work with my students.


Anyone is welcome to join me for a round this Thursday at Stevinson Ranch to test it out. I'm teeing off at noon and all you have to pay is the $50 green fee and that will include range balls. Just call or text to grab a spot or two.

I'm planning on making trips down to Stevinson through the year. It is 90 miles from Alameda so it's a drive but it's truly a great golf course and has one of the top practice facilities in California! I plan having a few golf schools there through the year and they have lodging there if you want to make it an over-nighter.

BTW- we just started doing regripping at Alameda so if you like to come over I'll show you all the grips we
have, fit your hand then have one of our staff put the grips on while you putt or hit some balls (about $8 a club). You can always reach me at or check out our website,

Here's a superb video if your digging too deep of a divot or leaving the ball out to the right, Trackman Maestro on Handle Dragging-

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