Saturday, September 13, 2014

Set the course record at Alameda's Mif Par Three Golf Course

Set the Course Record 

First off if you haven't had a chance to play the "pitch and putt" in Alameda then you are missing out. It is a
Here's the 2nd hole
treasure of a golf experience and it will challenge you at whatever ability level you're playing at.

Each week we've started a program for golfers to set the course record for their age group and gender. So for a week if you shoot the "low score" we'll take your picture, get your name and post that along with your score and date for others in your age category to beat.

Then each week we'll start all over again, giving everyone a change to get up on our "wall of fame".

Pitch and putt may be over simplifying what this golf course offers. The holes aren't 30 or 40 yards they actually range from 85-155 yards and the greens are shaped so there are no flat spots for better drainage. Marc Logan the golf course's designer, who I call the "grass whisperer", since he is truely one of the world's leading experts in growing any grass but especially bent grass

I may lose a few of you out there that aren't geeks about putting green surfaces, but I am, because any experienced golfer knows that bent grass greens are second to none for putting surfaces. Mr. Logan is going against conventional wisdom that he can grow and then maintain bent grass in Northern California. Alameda's golf courses are going to prove to everyone that he can with his systems.

We're already really excited the conditions at the new Mif par three and the our new chipping and putting. Come out and check them out and while you're out it keep your score because you may set the course record for the week!

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