Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gifts Ideas for Golfers at Chuck Corica Golf Course

Just an idea for the Holiday Season, how about a better golf game for someone you love or work with?

We've got some great programs for all levels of golfers and were doing private lessons, group lessons and playing lessons. You can visit our online store to purchase a gift card for merchandise or a game improvement program with one of us pros.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting Young People into Golf in Alameda

Growing golf has been a mission for Norma Arnerich of Alameda, California. I haven't had the pleasure to meet Norma Arnerich, yet, but I'm a big fan of what she has done to recruit, encourage and support young people into the sport of golf.

Over the years she has tirelessly reached out to the community through being a baseball games, football games and what-have-you to let parents and kids know about the programs available at Chuck Corica Golf Complex. This last year she was awarded an honorary membership by the Alameda Commuters Golf Committee

How has she done? Well thousands of kids have been introduced to golf through her efforts. Another indicator has been the number of kids that have not only learned to play but who've also gone on to play high school level golf. Even more impressive the number of juniors who went a step further to the college and pro ranks like James Haan.

Along with Norma there is another force with a mission to grow the game of golf and that is the PGA of America with their PGA Sport Academy. As a golf pro who didn't succeed in lighting the fire in his own two boys hearts for the game I am thrilled to share this new model of learning golf for youngsters because it is active, fun and excellent training to become a golfer or better at any sport.

Here's some videos showing some of the games and skill challenges will include in our coaching to keep the kids engaged and building the skills to play good golf,

Friday, November 8, 2013

Look at the Improvements for Alameda and East Bay Golfers at Chuck Corica

Greenway Putting Together a Golfing Jewel in Alameda

Alameda is in store for an amazing transformation of their golf facility and it is great for golfers inside of driving distance.

The new driving range was opened a few months ago and a renovated par three golf course will become the talk of the entire bay area if not country (yes).

What's so special about a little par three course? Have a look a this short video:

I have the great pleasure to invent fun ways to use the par three and it will be fun since all levels will enjoy it even though the holes distances range from 70-155 yards. Marc Logan who is the grass expert in the group, holding Masters degrees in both Botany and Agronomy. Just about as impressive is where he got his early experience and that would be at the famed Alister MacKenzie golf course in Australia Royal Melbourne.

FYI- I believe Australia has the best greens in the world and they are bent grass greens. Marc and Greenway Golf have numerous golf courses now that are bent and remained bent for ten years with a proven model and they are on a crusade to bring others on board but strangely enough this hasn't happened. So they continue on their merry way consulting more enlightened courses on how to construct and maintain bent grass greens.

Good news for Alameda folks is that bent greens will soon be what they putt on and I have a feeling many more courses will get in line. 

So beginning in April 2014 golfers will have a chance to play the new par 3, hit balls on the new grass tee on the back of the range and practice their chipping and sand shots in the new short game area. Whew, can't wait!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kris Moe back in Alameda to help grow golfers and Chuck Corica Golf Complex

Kris Moe golf

Kris Moe back in Alameda

I'm Kris Moe and I'm thrilled to be moving back to Alameda to help Greenway Golf turn Chuck Corica into a top notch golf facility.

Last year George Kelley (the founder and one of the three partners of Greenway) asked me to help him find a director of instruction for Chuck Corica.  Since I lived in Santa Rosa (85 miles away) it didn't occur to me at the time to throw my hat in the ring for the position. One of my close friends thought it might be a great opportunity since Greenway Golf was committed to turning Alameda into their flagship location for the whole country to marvel at.

When I learned that they are bringing in famed architect Rees Jones to redo the "South" (aka Jack Clark) course along with a redo of the par three course and building a new short game practice area I was convinced I wanted to be part of this development. Click here to see the improvements.

I attended Alameda High School through 1979. We always had a great high school team and the legacy continues with the continued support of juniors in the area. This includes free golf lessons for kids on Saturday mornings and many of these kids move onto more intensive instruction with Erik Stone and Woody Winslow (including current tour player James Hahn and female great Grace Na).

I'll be offering golf lessons in Alameda but I'll also be very involved in growing the business of selling golf clubs, repairing golf clubs and making the facility a fun place to be, hence my title- director of fun and golfer development!

Until I get my name on Alameda's website feel free to contact my cell phone at 707-529-6458 or my email, Call to book a lesson or if you have any ideas on how to make Chuck Corica a better place to enjoy golf.

BTW- Here is my new app that you can download on your i phone,