Friday, February 14, 2014

Radar Technology is Disrupting Golf and Golfers are Going to Benefit

New radar technology is disrupting golf

With the constant advancement of technology in golf it's never been a better time to be a golfer. Improving your ball striking and optimizing your equipment has never been easier (yes easier).

Why you may ask? You can thank the military for this since this new technology was originally designed by the military to track bullets and missiles and those systems have finally made it to golfers tracking their golf ball's flight and the specifics of the impact collision.

As a golf pro, long time golf teacher and golfer myself  I'm really excited to share these advancements with you to improve your game and equipment. In my own teaching I've de-prioritized the swing style of a golfer to focus on the impact numbers the radar gives us. And it's not just me, friends and colleagues, who were the "early adopters" and investors in the technology tell me the same thing, they teach less about swing style now and more about the bottom line, what's happening at impact. Nor more guessing and straight to the fix!

The Alameda Golf Complex is on the verge getting this technology delivered so you'll be able to see your measurements like launch angle, face direction and club path (over 20 data points). Even more you can cross that information with your actual ball flight onto our range rather than see it go into a net four yards in front of you. This is huge as any advanced player will tell you. Numbers can lie and don't necessarily create the perfect match for you since there so many other variables to consider for you to love your equipment (sound, flight, feel and trust).

We'll be fitting and teaching with the Foresight system so you too can get optimized like a tour player and get the most out of your game and your equipment.

Some fitting facts that directly benefit you that we in the industry didn't even know or had to guess at until the last year or two is the massive affect of missing the sweet spot by as little as 1/2 inch can cost you 7 yards in distance. And here's a few more fun facts about the new ball flight laws:

  • If you strike down too steeply on your irons you actually lose energy with contact on the ball
  • By simply moving more weight toward the inside of the club (the heel) you will hit more draws or hooks and visa-versa. You'll see this adjustment now on the new Callaway driver for instance
  • There is a ideal match of launch angle and ball spin that is different for each golfer and can make immediate distance gains of 15 yards plus
This week we're just getting in all the new equipment for fitting and demos. We'll be carrying all the top brands in drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges. And we hope to have it all available by mid-March.

So plan a visit soon to our Chuck Corica Golf Complex driving range to see the radar technology. It will blow your mind and get you excited for playing more golf this year.

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