Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting Young People into Golf in Alameda

Growing golf has been a mission for Norma Arnerich of Alameda, California. I haven't had the pleasure to meet Norma Arnerich, yet, but I'm a big fan of what she has done to recruit, encourage and support young people into the sport of golf.

Over the years she has tirelessly reached out to the community through being a baseball games, football games and what-have-you to let parents and kids know about the programs available at Chuck Corica Golf Complex. This last year she was awarded an honorary membership by the Alameda Commuters Golf Committee

How has she done? Well thousands of kids have been introduced to golf through her efforts. Another indicator has been the number of kids that have not only learned to play but who've also gone on to play high school level golf. Even more impressive the number of juniors who went a step further to the college and pro ranks like James Haan.

Along with Norma there is another force with a mission to grow the game of golf and that is the PGA of America with their PGA Sport Academy. As a golf pro who didn't succeed in lighting the fire in his own two boys hearts for the game I am thrilled to share this new model of learning golf for youngsters because it is active, fun and excellent training to become a golfer or better at any sport.

Here's some videos showing some of the games and skill challenges will include in our coaching to keep the kids engaged and building the skills to play good golf,

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